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NICOLA – aged 9 and 13 years. Who knew and loved Jesus


Completely crippled, this little girl needed everything done for her. She could talk, and she had the most beautiful eyes, whilst her body was grossly deformed. Her eyes shone forth as she talked about her love for Jesus, and to us Christian's, we could see Jesus in her. We loved her and she never once complained.

She had a condition that progressively made her become weaker, and suddenly one day her heart stopped, and she died. She loved to lie in our arms and as we saw to the needs of the time, one of my staff nurses gently picked her up, and cradled her in her arms, in a rocking movement. Her heart started again.

The next day we visited Nicola in hospital.

She cried when she saw us. "Why did you bring me back" she sobbed. We were nonplussed and amazed. She had been in that beautiful place of Love. We comforted her" Jesus would not send you back" we told her "unless he had a good reason". She accepted that eventually and her life seemed to have a new purpose.

During those four years before going to Jesus again she touched so many lives, as a witness to the love of God for us all. When we buried her mortal remains we were sad but also joyful for her. She was with Jesus again.


What happened to Nicola touched us and was a preparation for what was to happen in the future. We became increasingly involved with children who were to die young.

We used Nicola's experience in assurance to them and their parents in bereavement counselling.

We thank God for her life and witness, and we look forward to meet her again in heaven.


We were led to seek out Daniel's mother but we believe that God had a different purpose in mind.

We were shown a people who, because of what had happened in Beckton, became ashamed, and hostile. Curtains twitched but they would not answer their doors.

We could sense that evil had stalked these streets. Where was love? Where was Daniel's family? It made us, as Christian's think about the effect of such evil that had been in their midst. Satan certainly extracts his price.


Searching for this answer led us ultimately to our internet presence. We found that this type of event generates more evil by way of hate, revilement and fear .These are attributes of Satan, not of a Holy God.


DANIEL HANDLEY – aged 9 years. The boy with a bike


Daniel we did not know you when you lived in East London, but we know who has got you now, and how much Jesus loves you. We were hoping to meet your mummy, but nobody would help us and so we never did.

We went to your house and we saw your bike!

It was rusting in your old garden and it looked so sad. There is a new man living in your house but he was not able to help us because he had severe learning disability.

We went to the police, housing department, social services and to the church centre in Beckton.

We did not go into your school but it looked very nice. We even wrote to Crime-watch at the BBC because they did a special programme on how these two men took you away, and did terrible things to you. They did not even reply.

Nobody would help us to find your mummy. One day perhaps we will and then we tell her of how much Jesus loves you, and how he is caring for you.

We wanted to tell her about Nicola who died and went to heaven. Jesus sent her back and she cried in my arms. She died again four years later and we went to her funeral. She was just your age when she went to heaven the first time. In those four years Jesus used her in such a marvellous way. The church was packed with people whose life she had touched in that time. Nicola never walked in her life but we sang Lord of the Dance, because we knew she would be dancing in heaven.


Daniel was murdered by two men, and this site and our outreach is in commemoration of his short life, with love to his family, who have since contacted us


This reprint from our earlier pages from 1996 is to commemorate the lives of our own parents who knew of our work, and fully supported us in our Christian witness and endeavour..                                                


Our mothers recently passed to Glory in their nineties.

We thank God for them