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Ministry To The Unborn And Inner Child (1/7)




Photograph by Ann Geddes

Bring real blessings into the life of your baby that could fill him  with love, happiness, joy and a fulfilled childhood.

You hold the key to a child who can be full of love, contentment and freedom from fear or a child who is insecure, unhappy, rebellious or inadequate and full of the fear of rejection.

Your child could be a child who will be a blessing to others because he has been nurtured in the love and wisdom of his Creator God, or  a drain on society because of rejection, abuse and maladjustment in his life without God's values and blessings.

Your unborn child is known to God before your act of love conceives him.

Every part of his development from conception to full term baby will be a miracle  in itself, but God wants only the best for your child. Do you?

Your child will have a physical body, including the brain.
He will also have a soul  which consist of
his mind, will and emotions.
The most essential and eternal part of your child is
his spirit.
It is the most valuable part of his person because it is
God given and God known. 
Within the spirit is the conscience and intuition.
It is also highly coveted by Satan for evil.
The spirit is eternal and alive at conception.
Let us help you achieve what God wants for your child.
This ministry is here just to do that.