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Ministry To The Unborn And Inner Child (6/7)



Under The Covenant Of A Marriage, God Imparts Many Blessings, To Hold Mother Father And Children In A Special Relationship To Himself.

This Special Relationship Is Like A Spiritual Canopy, Under Which The Family Shelter.

In God's Order This Canopy Is Supported By The Father, In His Relationship With Father God, But It Is A Close Relationship With The Mother Through The Marriage Bonding Before God.

This Canopy Shelters The Parents And The Children Whilst It Is Intact.

However, This Canopy Is Constantly Under Attack By The Enemy, And He Seeks To Destroy Families By Breaching The Cover It Provides. This Is Achieved By Introducing Sin, Especially Sexual Sin Of All Types.

Sexual Sin Incurs Severe Penalties, Which Enter Through The Breached Canopy.

Adultery, Incest, Sexual Perversions, Illegitimacy Etc.

During Pre-marriage Ministry Such Penalties Being Carried In The Generational Line Are Identified, And Are Remedied In Prayer Ministry.

During The Ant-natal Period, The Parents Who Carry The Spiritual Cover For The Child, Through The Father , Are Blessed Spiritually. This Enables Them To Directly Nurture The Child's Spirit, Which Holds The Constituents Of The Child's Invisible Being, Mind, Emotions And Will...These Are Known As The Soul In Scripture.

Early Nurturing Of The Developing Child Is Possible Through His Spirit, And This Will Promote All The Attributes Of Love That Are Conveyed In This Way. Nurturing The Spirit Is The Key To Nurturing And Affirming The Complex Constituents Of The Emotions.

This Is Essential To Avoid The Damage Of Rejection So Prevalent In Children Of Yesterday, Today , And No Doubt Tomorrow.

How To Nurture The Unborn Child

By Positive Affirmation And Expressions Of Love From The Earliest Days. Be Welcoming And Avoid Any Negative Or Hurtful Remarks. Remember Your Child's Presence When You Are Alone Or In Company.

Your Child Is Sensitive To Both Of Your Emotions, But Especially The Mother. They Understand Fear And Anxiety. Stress And Anger In Parents Causes Distress To The Baby And Should Be Avoided. Any Sense Of Threat Or Death In Talk Of Abortion, Or In Illness ,Effects The Child. Remember The Spoken Word Can Not Be Taken Back And Such It Can Be Very Damaging To Your Child.

Nurturing Your New Born Child At Delivery And Afterwards

What You Have Already Instilled Into His Lovely Being, Formed And Now Filled With That Love From You ,Will Hold The Child In Good Stead, But Loving Support And Encouragement Should Be Given By Both Parents Through The Whole Delivery.

Modern Methods Of Delivery In Hospital Are Not Always The Best For The Child , Despite The Advantage Of Emergency Medical Help.

Natural Childbirth, With No Chemical Inducement Is To Be Favoured. The Child Should Know Both Parents Are There At The Time Of Delivery To Help Him Make The Journey From His Comfortable Abode ,To The Arms Of Both His Parents And Family.

Many Parents Prefer A Home Delivery Supported By Family

Another Increasing Practice Is To Deliver The Child By Caesarean Section. Unless It Is Stringently Required For Safety Or Health Reasons Then This Type Of Delivery Should Be Avoided.

Both Mother And Child Will Need Prayer Cover At This Time.