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Ministry To The Unborn And Inner Child (7/7)



Lord, We Thank You Jesus Came Into This World As A Baby, A  Very Precious Gift From You.
We Thank You That In His Conception And Birth He Identified With All Conceptions And Every Stage Of Foetal Development . In His Own Birth He Identified With The Helplessness And Utter Dependency  Of A New Born Baby. In His Birth We See The Great Design And Mystery Of Each Of Our Births, Each Individual And Unique ,But Created From Your Distinct Design In Eternity.

Your Child Will Experience  In His Birth What Jesus Experienced In His. The Waiting Mother And Joseph Who Was To Guard, Protect, Nurture, Teach  And Wonder At This Son Who Was So Special. You As Parents Will Gaze Into The Face Of Your Baby With The Same Wonder, With The Same Responsibilities And No Doubt With Some Anxiety.

The Responsibilities Of Parenthood Should Not Be  Under Estimated Because They Are Awesome. But You Are Not Alone. As  Christian  Parents Whose Child Is Special To God And Whose Life Is Dedicated To His Purpose, You Have Infinite Resources To Seek And Ask For  In The Responsibilities Before You .Your Child Is A Gift To You And You Both Need To Strive In That He Or She  Will Be A Blessing To Others During His Or Her Lifetime. 

The Nurture You Built Your Child Up In During His Life In The Womb Will Need To Be Continued Into All His Childhood Years. The Needs Will Be Many And Varied. These Years Will Not Be Easy But God Wants These Years To Be Happy, Safe And Fulfilled Ones.
From The Moment Of Birth Make It Your Practice To Speak Out Your Love For Your Child And Look Into His Eyes Whilst You Do It. The Eyes Are The Windows Of The Soul

Your Child Will Thrive On Your Love, Affirmation And Encouragement. This Will Instil Security A Sense Of Well Being, Self Acceptance  And A Knowledge Of His Self Worth. From Those Earliest Day Continue Speaking Into His Spirit Whilst He Is Asleep. The Spirit Is Eternal And Does Not Sleep. Pray Together As A Family Over Your Child And Commit Him Each Morning To God's Care And Purpose.

Bodily Contact Is Very Important Especially When The Child Is Feeding.  This Again Is Where God's Design And Purpose Is Best. Breast Feeding Meets The Needs Of Body Contact, Closeness And Bonding. The Need Of The Child To Feel Secure And Welcome Whilst His  Appetite Is Met, Together With The Eye To Eye Contact Of The Baby And Mother  Which Nurtures The Child In His Preciousness.

The First Five Years Are The Very Important Years In Your Child's Life And Experience. These Are The Years That Both Father And Mother Need To Work As One In Sharing, Teaching, Encouraging And Nurturing The Child. Promote Stimulation  In Play, By Talking And In Listening. If He Has A Problem Or Appears To Be  Unsure, Get Him To Share With You The Reason, Especially As He Spends Time Away From You And Other People And Influence  Come Into His Life. You Both Need To Be Sensible In Protecting Your Child, Not Over Protective, But Aware That Outside Influences And People Are Just There. This Include Other Family Members As Well As Strangers. Listening To Your Child And Encouragement To Share With You Is A Major Preventative Measure Against Things That Might Harm Him Or Her.

If You Want Further Details Of This Ministry To TheUnborn Child Please Contact Us. We Are A TravellingMinistry, To Teach And Minister To Individual And Groups. Drop Us A Line Without Obligation EMAIL