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Schoolboy Fathers (continued)


Daddy, I would have loved you so much too. I would be so proud of you and have so much fun when I learnt to stand, walk and eventually run after you, chasing the football.

Before that even, I would have looked into your face and know the security of your presence. I would know your voice and gradually understand your tones and what you are telling me.

I would remember the first time you held me and the first smile I gave you. Love would have passed between us that day

I have none of those memories of you Daddy and I don’t know if you care I exist.

Do you?

Illegitimate babies, that is, babies born of single people is increasing. The United Kingdom has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancies in the world, and the sad thing is, each child of such a union is denied the normal, natural and loving family upbringing every child is entitled to.

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