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Schoolboy fathers (continued)


Do I care?

Our picture above was taken in Spain this year. It is a picture of sharing, enjoyment, and fun. It is also a demonstration of what being a father is. Responsibility and commitment to the child, teaching him and learning from him, as an individual.

Parents are not taught how to be parents, but we learn a lot from the role model we share our life with. No father - no sharing - no role model. Sometimes our role models turn out lousy, but even then we learn what not to be like!

Being a father is great, but it carries a lot of responsibility.

Bringing a child into this world by casual sex is not only very sad but also very irresponsible towards what is your offspring, that means it is a part of you. A very sobering thought

Fathers do matter to children, and a boy deprived of a father will grow up to show that deprivation in his life. It will be with him as a gnawing doubt about his own identity, and individuality.

To little girls, father’s are very special. They combine an area of protectiveness and security and help instil into the child her special identity and role in her own femininity!

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