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Hello, are you my daddy.

Well, somebody must be my daddy because I have a mummy. I didn’t arrive on my own, did I?

I know my mummy was only a schoolgirl when she had me.

I think my daddy was a schoolboy too!

I wish I had a daddy because I need him to share with me my childhood like other kids.

I love my mummy but I do need a proper daddy, and I would like the one who helped to make me, with my mummy.

I will always wonder about my real daddy, whether he could really love me the way I need to be loved and cared for.

Didn’t he care when he had sex with my mummy that babies can result from these actions. Didn’t he know or didn’t he care.

Babies are people too, and they are entitled to proper family life, as well as nurturing and loving upbringing.