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The Miracle of Life

James as a total person quickly developed, safely wrapped in his mothers womb. He was nourished by her body and he quickly formed a strong personal attachment within his secure physical environment. He was placed ideally within her body to receive maximum comfort and safety. He was very happy to be there.

As he grew physically, so he developed in his mind, will and emotions. He became aware of his surroundings, he could sense his own moods and could move within the confines of his his mothers secure womb. He was able to be aware in a limited way what was happening outside his own existence. Physical activities and social habits of his mother would affect his own comfort and sometimes affect him physically. He would hear sound, and because his mother loved music and played it quite loudly it became part of his normal world.

His mothers confinement proceeded smoothly and her young body coped well with her offspring inside her. James was fortunately spared many of the traumas of intro-utero existence and because his mother gave up smoking his physical development went very well.

Unfortunately, his mother had a very stormy relationship with her stepmother. Tempers flared, especially when the babies future was mentioned. Annie her stepmother had wanted an abortion when she found out about her step daughters “condition”. Her natural father had supported his child and the pregnancy was “allowed” to progress with a view to adoption.

James became very aware of irate female voices and the effect it had on his own comfort. He became agitated and more unsettled as this continued outside his own world. His mind naturally recorded all these feelings in his developed brain and anxiety became an established emotion, alongside fear and stress.

As he grew he became more aware of the confines of his home. He moved more despite his cramped existence and his left leg practised a good kick that his mother became very aware of. He liked the quietness of the night when his mother slept. He hadn’t the faculty of vision but he knew how to get his right thumb in his mouth. He was mostly contented but with no awareness of what was to come. What a shock that was to be!

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