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We want you to meet James

His mother is 15 years old, but he was allowed to live.

He is a lovely little boy, isn’t he?

W e want to tell you about James because his birth was a very special occasion, in fact his total life from conception to now is amazing.

You see, this little bundle of heart tugging joy is a picture of a mystery that we all take so much for granted. He is a living miracle despite his mother (and father) bringing him into this world by way of having “sex”.

Our purpose is to trace with you this little boys history, and step by step, place together why he is such a treasure, because he is, despite what many may think. Every child born is a treasure.

James as a human being is made up of several elements. Spirit, Soul and physical body.

The spirit is that part that pre-empted his existence before his conception. When he was conceived his Spirit joined his foetal body.

The Soul is the will, emotions and mind. The brain is not part of the soul, but the main terminal that these three operate in. The brain is part of the physical structure.

When James was conceived he became a person as the foetal cells multiplied and developed. His existence relied on the body of his mother, despite her tender age, but he was a separate total person.

This is   

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