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Total Child Protection 2014

Total Child Protection 2014 is a compilation of new and old  teaching, and revised pages that expand our previous teaching on child protection.

It is produced specifically for parents and carers, but all who are interested in, and have the welfare of children at heart are encouraged to join us.

The teaching starts with a general introduction, and swiftly moves on to comprehensive pages, explaining the Spiritual Realms and the Human Spirit from the Bible perspective.

Understanding the spiritual aspects of ourselves, and how we fit in to God's order of things, we next examine the facts about spiritual discipleship and spiritual parenting.

We have endeavoured to embrace spiritual parenting into good parenting practice, and in the holistic every day care of the child, from conception to individuation.

In order to gain the maximum benefit, and to follow the flow of this teaching ,we would encourage you to read it from page to page following the next link on each page. Where there is a hyperlink to another teaching topic we would advise you to return to that page or pages later.

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