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Total Child Protection For Parents
In The Natural World (1/28)



We all live in the natural world, but we are spiritual beings in flesh, and as such we are subject to the influences and forces in the spiritual realms through our own human spirit. As we have seen in our teaching on the Spiritual Realms there is a spiritual battle between good and evil for the soul of your child.
We can not ignore the fact that child abuse, child pornography and prostitution is becoming a very threatening fear for parents in this day and age.
Where are the days of innocence, of being able to allow children to play unattended and free?
Society is becoming more corrupt and this corruption is spilling over increasingly to affect each new generation

Our aim is to help parents and others caring for children, to become more aware and more knowledgeable about the many issues surrounding the abuse of children by adults. Much of the subject material is based on good Christian parenting practice and child care, but other areas tell of the terrible effects of abuse .There is no doubt that child sexual abuse which, next to emotional abuse, is the most destructive force that can hit the life of the child.

Abuse starts generally as an abuse of trust, and ends with the heartless destruction of the whole child within the young life, a life time of misery and often the prospect of a lost eternity.

As a Christian ministry we believe it is our duty to protect children, not only physically, mentally and emotionally, but also spiritually.
The reason for adults abusing children is a spiritual one, and this dimension is not generally recognised in the Body of Christ, never mind the world.

We recognise that abuse can be perpetrated by a religious person, because of an unclean presence within their spirit. We will deal with spiritual protection by spiritual parenting in the next page.

This is Christian Bible based ministry which is located in the United Kingdom but has a world- wide outreach via the internet.
Our ministry rests on the powerful authority of the Name and Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, over all spiritual realms.

It is based on prayer and intercession through the Holy Spirit to God the Father through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.
We believe and know that we are engaged in spiritual warfare, and that the major antagonists in Child sex abuse are unclean spirits of the devils domain.

Man has no answer to child sexual abuse, except retribution, hate, and revilement, carried out in an atmosphere of uncontrolled fear.

God has provided the answer, through Jesus Christ, who conquered Satan's evil devices at Calvary. Jesus reigns in heaven and his people on earth are empowered by His Name and through His blood, under His authority to combat and undo the evil of abuse.

We proclaim God's Love and his offer to mankind, of a new life in Christ Jesus, a place in the Lambs Book of Life, and eternity in Heaven.

In addition to our outreach proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who abuse children we also minister to children, teens and parents. We also act as a prayer and intercession group for children at the request ofparents and carers. This resource offers personal and group intercession for the child and for all their needs, physical, emotional and spiritual.


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