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Total Child Protection For Parents
In The Natural World (15/28)



Childish chatter reflects what they are listening to or what they are experiencing. Just listen to them!

Some children however seem to run deeper, dwelling on what they are saying. Every child is different, but the basic needs required to nurture and develop them as balanced, loved, happy and contented human beings are the same. What are these needs?

They need to feel wanted. They need to know and experience your love. They need security in that love knowing you are there for them. They need discipline in that love, knowing right from wrong. The ideal is a loving family setting of mother, father and other children, blessed in marriage. Some families are dysfunctional and appear to be so in a generational line. There is a reason for this and it can be changed, to the blessing of all, society included.

Children need and thrive in an atmosphere of love, patience, security and discipline. Where all physical, emotional mental and spiritual needs are met in loving warm families, the incidence of abuse plummets.

Where spiritual help is claimed through Jesus Christ, you can have the special covenant protection for your child. A child in such a relationship will not be frightened to share with you, especially if you are prepared to listen, and allow time in your busy life.

Allow time at bedtime for just such a time of intimacy and closeness. They are often the most rich and encouraging times in parenthood. This is a time they will share their worries with you too. This may save you and him years of heartache and self-recrimination. It could certainly save his childhood.

A word of Warning. If your child reveals anything alarming, do not yourself appear shocked, angry or distressed. Your own anger and feelings may boil up inside you, but this is not the time to explode. Your child needs your love and reassurance, that he has done right in sharing. Cuddle him and tell him how much he means to you. Reassure him that he has done right in sharing his experience with you and tell him you will now handle matters for him. Give him a kiss and a hug because he has deserved it. What you should do next will be discussed later


The little boy in this picture is a potential victim of child abuse. Fun fairs and similar activities attract children and adults looking for lonely unattached children. This may be the first contact for the child when an adult pays him attention, treats him to rides and sweets and offers him warm friendship, later to be called "love". The lonely child will revel in all this attention and will absorb all the affection he is given. Only later will he find the price. His body, his will, his obedience and sad slavery.

Where is your child tonight?



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