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Total Child Protection For Parents
In The Natural World (16/28)



A child who is severely abused will never be the same child as before, and this is particularly true if the abuse is undetected and prolonged.

Your first clue might be the child showing himself out of character, or his schoolwork may be suffering. He becomes less attentive and distracted.

He is in an entrapped predicament.

He may show a particular aversion to being with an adult but will not say why?

Commonly, he sometimes starts bedwetting, or being clingy to mum or he may become withdrawn and sulky. On the other hand he may have temper tantrums or become verbally outrageous.

He will certainly be a very unhappy child and could react by being quiet, absorbed and becoming increasingly withdrawn. This will be more so, if he is being compelled into the abusing situation.

The child abuser uses many tools in pursuing his aims to gratify his own desires. Charm and friendliness is the base for his deception, but where bribery and flattery fail, a little coercion, with threats and lies, instils very quickly a sense of fear in the child, compounded and mixed with guilt. What hope has the child?

He changes………

Mostly inside……

He does not want the situation he is in, but he is repeatedly told that he likes what is happening. He has chosen to do it therefore he will carry all the blame. These words may not be expressly said, but the abuser will convey this to his childish mind.

The child feels completely trapped and feels he has no other option than to comply to the adults demands. This control by the abuser enslaves the child's will, entrapping him in a world of degradation, sometimes physical pain and a deep sense of uselessness and shame about himself.

This is why the child changes. Has he becomes more and more involved in the terrible things he has no control over, his predicament become all the more shocking in his mind. His spirit then shows the first signs of breaking, releasing within his personality, the slide towards a disintegrating morass of anger, pain, guilt, dirtiness and hopelessness. He may try to run away from the what he is going through, but even then when he is found, nobody seems to be there to care.

You need to know your child and be aware that changes in behaviour generally indicates you need to find out why, and not rest until you do.

Fracturing of the spirit, as a consequence of abuse is now becoming more recognised in Christian Healing Ministries. Only Jesus can repair, heal and restore it.

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