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Total Child Protection For Parents
In The Natural World (17/28)



Awareness by parents with early training and the maintaining of good parental communications with your child is the best way forward

This little girl is a picture of purity and innocence. About three years of age, she is probably unaware of those dark risks around her, in her happy little world. How do we go about protecting her and yet help her grow up without fear and mistrust of those around her. This requires a fine balance of what you teach her and how you set about imparting the message.

If you start warning her at this age you will probably alarm her and certainly start making her feel insecure. Most certainly it could more harm than good, so we need to start at a much earlier age. This way certain norms of "respectability" become her norms in her development. Privacy and modesty are two key areas on which to build your physical protection plan. This can be widened and developed as the child grows

Nappy changing and bathing are two activities that most parents deal with as a private matter. This is also the time that children will begin to talk about "bodies" and "parts". This is a good time for you to talk to them about their own bodies, and their entitlement to keep them private, and to gently inform them that it is not acceptable for this privacy to be invaded by anybody

You need not go into detail, but the seed of protection has been sown. It is normal for children to repeat what you tell them, sometimes to you and sometimes to their friends. Sometimes it just remains dormant, until something makes the child talk or pass a comment. A good time to tune in! You might reinforce later with the child that both mummy and daddy must be told if this privacy is invaded. It is a sad thing but sometimes it is a parent or a step parent who is drawn into abuse, so both parents sharing responsibility is essential protection.


Early day training about "bad secrets" and mummy and daddy sharing everything in the open will tend to put off potential abusers.



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