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Total Child Protection For Parents
In The Natural World (18/28)



The Daniel Trust is a Christian organisation based on scriptural principles found in the Bible. We believe God has every child in His heart of Love and has provided the best way of parenting , nurturing and rearing in the pattern of His Son Jesus Christ.
This pattern is found in the Bible and not in the social theory of modern thinking or teaching.
God has promised, for those who claim it, through His own Son Jesus, a special covenant relationship for all families who believe and trust in Him, and entrust the children to His care. We will willingly help you should you wish to enquire more of these Godly principles and provision.


This is essential in the lives of all children.

A child needs to know where he stands and he will be more secure in that love you give him if it is unconditional, but based within firm boundaries and accepted discipline.

Teach him do's and don'ts. Explain to him the reasons why certain things are acceptable and others are not. Talk it through with him and have him agree with you in fairness and love.

(Proverbs 13:24 NIV)  He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.

Have a few house rules. Make them simple but insist they are kept. If a child breaks a rule deliberately, reinforce your insistence and apply your discipline. A good practical measure is to give time out from something they enjoy. Remember to let your child know it is what they are doing that is not acceptable, and not them as a person.

Children can be exasperating. If you feel angry, or your child appears angry, have a few minutes away. Ask yourself where this anger is coming from. Think the situation through and identify the problem.
Then find the right answer.
Anger needs to be tackled and dealt with in all relationships, especially with your child.
Never strike your child in anger
Reserve a smack for the last resort and then do it in a controlled manner
Remember! How words can hurt too, often they wound very deeply despite what the old rhyme says. Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me!

This is so untrue as words and names, and what we say to people can damage relationships, and sits like a poison within a child soul.

This is one of the worst sort of abuse you can inflict on a child with effects that may last his whole lifetime. It can act as a curse. That is why anger is so dangerous, especially anger out of control.
Remember we can not take back what we say and how we say it!
If you need to correct your child do it calmly and in control. Tell them what they did wrong, and why it makes you cross. Remember in love, that you are cross with what they did and not who they are.
If you feel anger overwhelming you, and you are alone with your children.
Seek help, call a friend. Write us for help on this.


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