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Total Child Protection For Parents
In The Natural World (19/28)


Building up your child

Building up trust with your child starts as soon as you start bonding together from conception, and the ideal bonding involves child-mother-father and siblings, together with grandparents and other family.
This bonding produces special ties that should be a source of blessings, among which, is a mutual living trust.
This is the base on which to develop with each child that personal bond between parent and child. Children who are deprived of this bonding and suffer imagined or real rejection, face a very troubled future in spiritual, emotional, mental and even physical terms.
Such a child is damaged, and will be a constant drain on his parents, family and society generally. He will certainly be more prone to being the victim of abuse, in his quest for his identity. These children are often seen today as maladjusted or delinquent by society but in truth are spiritually, emotionally, and mentally twisted, and starved, in the light of God's Word. As infants they often present as underweight, poorly developed physically, mentally and emotionally. The clinical discription is apt "failure to thrive".

We are what we eat!

This is a saying often related to people's dietary intake and how they develop physically.
However, there is much truth in this saying in other aspects of what we take into our bodies, through our eyes, ears, mind and physical contacts.
What we allow into our minds through what we read, see, watch and what we listen to through our ears, reaches our minds and helps determine how they function.
We develop appetites other than physical and they are not healthy.
In determining to what is best and most healthy for our whole child, we need to regulate and know what input is going into that young life.
Before we even think of those other essentials we will contribute in love and understanding.

These are foundational truths, and we ignore them at the risk of a precious child's welfare.

What are they watching on television now?

Listening Again!

Let your child talk and openly express his feelings and opinions.
Let him feed you new ideas, tell you his worries and what concerns him.
Let him finish and be patient.
Just listen and be available for him.


Children thrive in a consistent and regular routine, because it instils security and a feeling of well being.

Having clearly defined parameters help them learn what is acceptable or unacceptable.


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