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Total Child Protection For Parents
In The Natural World (20/28)




Give your child express permission to say NO to anybody who asks them to do something they feel or know is wrong. They should be taught to say NO emphatically, forcefully, and repeatedly


Every child likes to share a secret and this is part of any child's everyday fun.
However, explain to them about good secrets and bad secrets, especially when they feel wrong.


Teach your child to respect the property, bodies, privacy and rights of other people. By your example, help your child to appreciate the feelings of others by avoiding harmful or hurtful words


Be aware and teach your child about the dangers of drug , alcohol and substance abuse. You assume responsibility for this aspect of his welfare and safety. An addicted child makes an easy victim for other abuse of his body, soul and spirit.


As your child grows older, he will probably appreciate a little space he can call his own. This applies to boys and girls and it is right to respect this privacy.

This includes understanding why they become such messy creatures,  who delight in untidiness and disorder around them.

This is part of growing up and is a form of assertiveness on their part. Love them for who they are and it often stems the assertiveness from becoming downright rebellion

Growing up is adjusting physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually to a changing body and inner perception of his own identity and his relationship with others. The physical changes are profound in themselves, but the inner changes are more so, sometimes giving rise to a great deal of turmoil and uncertainty.

You will see this and experience it as a parent, and it is easy to become entangled and sometimes embroiled as you try to help, but your efforts are rebuffed.

This is where your earlier foundation comes in good stead as the love you implanted, nurtured and blessed him with, will help him realise his full potential as a budding young person, who you will be proud of.

Both boys and girls as they enter puberty undergo profound changes, and in this age, sexuality plays a major role in giving rise to temptation and experimentation.

This of course in physical terms can lead to major health hazards and babies, but in spiritual terms it leaves the young person open to attack by the enemy. The risk of spiritual oppression and the consequences of involvement in ungodly sex acts, will blight a promising young life, leading in many to servitude, in a life under Satan's gross influence.


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