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Total Child Protection For Parents
In The Natural World (24/28)



A lonely child makes an easy victim to others. This is because in the centre of the inner child is a void, made up of rejection, feeling unloved  and a sense of loss, which is overwhelming.

This sense of loss will have spiritual roots which because of poor, inadequate or ignorant parenting, and it is by this token that these children are very vulnerable.

Secular opinion is that abusers of children learn from other abusers, using a network between themselves.

The truth is that abusers of children are driven by unclean spiritual forces and their desires are planted and nurtured in their minds by these same beings, who are networked spiritually.

In the same way, the child with a traumatised spirit will targeted by the enemy and the emotional quest for solace, acceptance and love will be used as a vehicle to propel them towards abusive situations.

Finding himself the centre of attention from an a very attentive adult, flattered with the offer of friendship and company he disregards any initial apprehension he may harbour, cloaking them with feelings of affection afforded him.

He is being set up for  the process of "grooming" and his groom's aide is very skilled in the art, because he is very experienced in the (demonic)  spiritual mind control of the Paedophile.

During his seduction and because of ungodly soul ties formed between them, the child too will become a victim of unclean spiritual influence, whose ultimate aim is the destruction of the person.

He will be corrupted in mind and emotions and his will taken captive.

He will be used physically in many ways by his abusers, subject to both pain and pleasure and he will quickly learn how to deaden the guilt, sorrow, loss, pain and the personal dirtiness he feels.

He may be photographed during different acts and his photograph circulated world-wide via the Child Pornography Web sites.

This precious child will be used until his attractiveness is no longer part of him. He will be stripped of his innocence and childhood and immersed in a sewer of degradation and immorality.

He will be full of sorrow and completely lost in this morass of vice, filthiness and perverted sex. Truly a victim of Satan's domain among men and women.

The evil might get even worse if he rebels and tries to break away.

Violence may be used against him, gang rape, blackmail, and even ultimately murder, which may be filmed.

Surviving into puberty, his abusers moving on to other victims, he will probably be discarded and enter the world of prostitution. He will be easy meat for homosexual advances and will probably end up with an older man, who will offer him a pseudo-father type relationship, with sex attached.

All in the name of "love".

Many children fall by the wayside and resort to drugs to kill the pain. Feeling worthless, unwanted and most of all rejected and unloved.

Of course all this should be apparent to those responsible for this child. Many parents see this latter stage only in early teens when the child appears out of control, unaware of the abuse he has suffered. Many children resort to suicide or end up with psychiatric illness.



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