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Total Child Protection For Parents
In The Natural World (25/28)



What do I do if I discover abuse?

This is one of the hardest things to advise the parents on, because this advice might not be necessarily the best for the child.

A criminal act has been committed and the due process of law needs to be executed but this does not mean that the best interest of the child is being served whilst this takes place. Whilst many police officers are skilled and sympathetic in dealing with children suffering abuse and the local social services perform adequately, the after care of these children leaves very much to be desired. In fact they are very fortunate if they get after care.

The purpose of the police investigation and the social worker involvement is to get at the truth of what has happened.

This involves the child reliving the abuse and the terrible memories this involves.

Doing so the abuse is re-enacted again emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

It is the child spirit that is in more agony under this duress. Satan again is allowed to turn the screw! When the process is over, then the criminal trial is to be faced. Whilst in recent years changes have improved this prospect, it is still daunting in its impact on the child.

Because of the prevailing secrecy, masquerading as confidentiality among social service family and child departments, it is not easy to establish current care practice in this respect

Our experience in the United Kingdom leads us to believe that this need is resource led and therefore is of low priority. Christian healing ministries are overwhelmed with requests for help from young adult abuse victims.

What then happens to these victims, who after the due process of law are left to get on with life, to the detriment of child and family?

The child with his damaged psyche and spiritual brokenness, with all its problems, is left to cope, and still faces the high probability of drug and alcohol abuse or even committing suicide.

He is still rejected, unloved, angry and possibly drops out into homelessness.

He finds it hard to form a stable relationship with the opposite sex, and may resort to violence, perverted practices or child abuse similar to what has happened to him.

What is best for my abused child?

It is clear in the Bible that all sexual sin is spiritual sin. Child abuse clearly falls into this category and therefore needs measures to cleanse, heal and restore those parts of the child affected, especially the rejected and unloved spirit.

In sexual sin the spirit is polluted by the unclean spirit of the abuser, and this often provides the gateway to other unclean spiritual influences. It is a most terrible thing that even believing Christians can harbour sexual sin, allowing unclean influences into their lives.

Our approach is one of early post abuse prayer ministry for the child in a special context, dealing with spiritual elements in a sleeping ministry, (the human spirit does not sleep nor the enemy). If the parents are believers, married and under that covenant, this brings added protection and power in to the situation.

God has provided in Jesus Christ His Son, the only real and effective remedy to sexual sin involving children, and adults. Jesus defeated Satan on the cross of shame and because of this, through the power of the Name of Jesus and the efficacy of His blood, all the needs of the abused child will be met in the Love of Jesus. Praise His Name

If you want more information on this special ministry to the inner child, please contact us.


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