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Total Child Protection For Parents
In The Natural World (26/28)



What we will do.

Because every child and every need is different, we do not give general advice on specific matters without knowing all the facts and a complete history.

We follow up every enquiry but first make it a matter of prayer and seek God's leading in His will.

Every enquiry is held in confidentiality.

If the matter is of a sensitive nature you can use our contact form  to ensure more privacy than giving details in a plain email,and we will send you a secure email address

If you are not a Christian we will share God's Word with you and help bring you to that place where you can seek God's face, and in repentance (being sorry for your sin and turning away from it) trust your life and being, and your family, to our Saviour Jesus Christ.

This is God's wish for you and your loved ones. It is also the first step towards a full healing, inner cleansing, restoration and dealing with any unclean spiritual elements that war against us.

God will fill you with His power and strength by indwelling you spiritually by Holy Spirit, sealing you for eternity, as a child of His. He is a God of blessings and He will bless you and your family, if you ask Him to. This is what He wants for you . This is the gospel of peace.

Are you a Christian, that is one who has believed in and trusted Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and Lord? Have you recognised and trusted in the work of the cross when Jesus Christ paid the penalty for your sin; and by humbling Himself for God's purpose, in the shedding of His blood, opened the door for such blessings, with His power and authority for inner, physical healing and deliverance? These are the promises for those who live in obedience to God's will ,in true faithful discipleship in the world, but not being, or living in the ways of the world. Are you leading your own life or are you following the way the master calls you? Are you filled with the Holy Spirit, and is your spirit life fruitful? Do you struggle, are you burdened, do you grumble and feel a failure or underachieving in your faith? If so, be encouraged because God has such a love for you, a very personal love, because He is so faithful, so willing to forgive, so willing to help and to give you what he knows are all your needs, to bring you closer to Him and His will for you.

If this is you please let us help you If you want the best for your children and if you want their lives to be blessed and a blessing to others there is only one way that this will be achieved. Your child is a spiritual being with a soul consisting of his mind, will and emotions. Unlike his physical body, his spirit and soul are eternal. In perfection all would work in unison because the spirit, in tune with God's spirit, would be the dominant influence. Since man's rebellion against God, man has lost this facility that God blessed him with. He is now left with his conscience and his own free will. Jesus said " You must be born again" This new rebirth is spiritual and restores this blessing.


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