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Total Child Protection For Parents
In The Natural World (28/28)



He humbled himself and became obedient, even to the death of the cross

When Jesus told His disciples that He was leaving them, it was not possible for them to understand what was about to happen.

We look back in time almost two thousand years ago. Here was God's Son and God's Lamb, by which the price of forgiveness and healing were to be purchased, for sinful man.

This was the act that was to defeat Satan, because God had made a way for the spirit of man to be reclaimed back to its rightful place with God.

Jesus said, "You must be born again" This is the spiritual rebirth, purchased and kept in Jesus Christ.

Being obedient to His Father, Jesus the sinless Son of God became willing to take the curse of the death on the cross, paying the price of mans sin by the shedding of His blood, and bearing that sin in His body, God's sacrificial lamb. He was on that cross six hours, and then committed His Spirit into the hands of His Father after shouting with a loud cry, "It is finished"

He had not lost the battle, he had won the victory over Satan and all his evil forces.

Three days later he walked and ate with His disciples again and later ascended into heaven before their eyes. To sit in His rightful place, at the right hand of His Father. He sent the Holy Spirit as He promised He would do. The world was to see, what were once cowed, uneducated and the most unlikeliest of men, empowered through the Holy Spirit of God, proclaiming Salvation, redemption, healing and deliverance from Satan's domination. The good news spread throughout the then known world, and during the next two millennium the message the message of love, hope and peace is shed abroad for all who care to listen and heed in a busy and materialistic world.

With more people than ever, the world is a busy place for Satan and his hordes too, but God has set a firm time and destination for their eternal demise, unfortunately to include their many victims who refuse God's offer of redemption through His Son Jesus Christ

We have seen in our pages the horror and suffering of child abuse and all sexual sin which is aimed by Satan at the very spirit of the person.

All sexual sin is straight out of Satan's domain and the only remedy is the one God has provided through Jesus Christ and His work on the cross.

There is a power in the blood of Jesus, shed on that cruel cross and authorityr in the blessed name of Jesus Christ of Nazerath.

This power over Satanic forces is gifted to true believers , followers of Jesus, living in obedience, holiness and in God's will .

God loves your family and would seek you and them for himself, through Jesus Christ.

Shelter today under the protection of His Blood and His Name


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