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  1. Index of sexual sin
  2. Generational sin
  3. Body, soul and spirit ties
  4. Victory and freedom


Sodomy is sexual activity between two persons or an animal which will produce an orgasm, and is practised in such a way as deny by act or intent  natural procreation. Such activity can be between two males, two females, a male and a female, or between a human and an animal. Sodomy then in the wider sense more than using the anal orifice to which it is generally applied. If sodomy is used intentionally or unintentionally to deny the possibility of procreation, it still a breach of God's Command. In the sexual act of sodomy in this wider sense, there is still a joining of body, and a mingling of soul and spirit, Reflecting back on what we have previously discussed about the ungodly spirit mingling in ungodly sex acts, we need to recognise that Satan's cohorts will obey his legalistic stance, and be involved in that mingling of spirits. Satan is a legalist and sexual sin opens the door for him to challenge ownership in the spiritual realm. Ungodly sex invites and encourages unclean spiritual oppression , and bondage through the human spirit. Demonic influence will encourage and promote further ungodly acts that quickly lead to addiction.

Sodomy is widely practised on child victims in incest and most sexual acts in Paedophilia. Understanding this we will realise why the damage to the child is so awful, so deep, so unbearable and damaging not only to the whole child but especially  within  the child's human spirit.

Not only is the abuser stoking up consequences in his or her own life, but the innocent child to is held captive in the spiritual bondage, incurred by the oppression of the unclean spirits that the abuse gives in legal rights.

This too must apply where oral abuse takes place. It is common in ministry for abuse victims to share real experience that have remained with them, even into adulthood. Sometimes it is involvement of one of the five senses. Taste and smell haunt them in real terms and they are find no release in whatever they try.

Sometimes it is the sense of feeling, on the face or the hands that drives them to compulsive washing, in an effort to rid themselves of the feelings. These are not just emotional after effects but are spiritual oppression of unclean spirits. Prayer and deliverance ministry brings complete freedom and relief, with much healing into the spirit and emotions.

In homosexual abuse of young boys the adult victim relates the feeling of being dirty, spoilt and robbed of his innocence. Together with the guilt, because much of what had been done to him initially he found pleasurable.

It is in prayer ministry that many deep feelings are safely bought to the conscious mind and associated spiritual oppression is exposed and dealt with.

Sometimes the ministry is prolonged over many months to produce deep healing in the mind, emotions and spirit. God is merciful and in His love , much healing is gently experienced over an extended period in the safety of His love and peace.