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Spiritual Realms (1/11)




Total Child Protection is part of our Vision and Campaign to Inform, Help and Educate Society in this age about the truth of child sexual abuse.

We are very aware that a large number of professing Christians of all denominations have been perpetrators of this evil against babies, boys, girls and young people.

This abomination is due to the wholesale desertion of the God given truth in the Bible and the generalised acceptance of man made ideas and traditions.

It is this unbelief and denial of the spiritual truth contained in God's Word that allows the evil of spiritual un-cleanness to prevail and contagiously affect much of the Church. It also allows the foolishness in the world to dictate the remedy, instead of searching for the wisdom of God.

Total Child Protection 2014 endeavours to re-address the balance towards God's truth and in a way that will clearly allow the Word of God to witness in itself, to the lies, deceit, and waywardness of today, which accepts the presence of evil, but denies the source and power in society today.

In this year of 2014 we have seen astounding revelations about the extent and demand for child pornography by way of the internet.
In the United Kingdom alone we have been allowed a glimpse of the vast numbers of people who use child pornography sites on a pay as you view basis.
The first wave of revelations exposed 7,000 persons, a second wave estimates a further 10,000  and the debit card companies are prepared to expose another 250,000 United Kingdom residents from their records. In 2015 the alarm bells ring out because of childhood addiction to all pornographic material.

We believe these numbers are just the tip of the iceberg and that world-wide there are millions of people addicted to child pornography and this will involve as many more children becoming victims in this vile trade.

Jonathan Freedland, a Columnist for the Guardian newspaper and Columnist of the year, when reviewing the current situation and the extent of Paedophilia in society today made the following remarks in the Daily Mirror on Saturday January 18 2003.

Maybe we should adjust our understanding  of child abuse; to realise it is not just the oddball who is sexually aroused by the young, but large numbers of people. Perhaps we should go further and face the dreadful thought; that the evidence of Paedophilia is now so widespread that sexual interest in the young may not be the freakish exception we once believed--but an all too common, though vile, part of  human sexuality.

He continued later with these remarks: One in three women and one in four men had either been abused or on the receiving end of unwanted sexual attraction before the age of 18.

Case after case suggest this is no longer the work of the occasional monster preying on kids in playgrounds. It is too widespread for that. We have to face the more awful possibility; that this enemy lurks within human sexuality itself.

Jonathan Freedland Columnist of the Year

It is the view of the Daniel Trust Ministries that the expressions of this very respected and experienced  journalist reveals the enormity of the problem, and a very disturbing development in the understanding of child sexual abuse, from the viewpoint of natural man.

We will reveal in the following pages the true roots and causes of the evil that claims so many lives of innocence, not only of the abused but also by the curse of being an abuser.

The best defence against your child and my child becoming a victim in any capacity, is for you to learn the truth. and to put into action the most effective programme of protection.

Our teaching is very comprehensive and detailed from God's perspective in the Bible. This is essential to demonstrate the source of good and evil in a realm outside of the natural world, as we see it through our natural eyes. There is a battle for your child in the spiritual realms that takes place here in the natural world.


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