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Ministry to Teens

The Daniel Trust  Ministries are International Christian  Ministries based on the internet  to help troubled, hurting or lonely children, teenagers and adults. This particular site is devoted to young men and ladies aged 14 years and over. We love to share with you and invite you to share with us. We are a man and wife team, 40 years married and one grown up son. We are both Registered Nurses very experienced with children and young people up to 18 years. We've cared for young people in hospitals, schools and in our own home. We are Christians therefore death holds no fear for us and we have been used to help young people cope in that aspect of their own being, and of others. Our internet presence is a continuation of that work, offering our help to you.

Human sexuality is fraught with difficulty  for this generation of teens, especially in the area of being different by "orientation"We look at this aspect in what is normal by world standards and what the Bible teaches us about the blessings of pure Godly sex

Every child has a biological father and some children delight in loving their daddy. Some children do not grow up with this important figure in their lives, and of course they are not only deprived of a role model, but also deprived of the blessings such daddy's can bring into their lives

Join baby James from conception to delivery into a world of teenage sex and pregnancy. Meet his mother a lovely girl and her stepmother who is cast as a villain. You decide the future you would give James! A happy childhood full of love, security, and a rich family life. Or A childhood without love and security a possible victim of physical, emotional or sexual abuse